Goals & Special Features

“Minds in Motion” is part of our curriculum at Hively Avenue Preschool!  The “Minds in Motion” maze is a series of physical activities to balance a child’s visual (eyes) and auditory (ears) skills, which will in turn help your child to be more focused and ready to learn.


  • To provide a safe, supportive and nurturing atmosphere where each child feels he/she is special, unique and a loved child of God.
  • To introduce each child to basic learning concepts and social skills to lay the foundation for future learning.
  • To use active, hands-on learning to encourage growth socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.
  • To teach each child how to cooperate with others, resolve conflicts, and develop healthy relationships.
  • To encourage and support parents as they launch their children into the school years.

Special Features:

  • We offer an active, hands-on learning environment
  • We introduce the preschool children to a new letter of the alphabet each week.  Many of our activities, songs, crafts and stories reinforce the letter of the week.
  • We introduce the children to colors, numbers and shapes, and work on pre-reading, pre-writing and writing skills.
  • We provide a weekly Bible time where the children are introduced to Bible stories and our character-building “Virtue of the Month”.
  • We offer small class sizes, which allows your child to receive individual attention from a trained teacher.
  • We provide the children with a daily snack.
  • We take the children on at least two field trips each school year; one in the fall, and the other in spring.  Other special events are scheduled throughout the year to encourage families to be involved in your child’s education.
  • Parent/Teacher night is held in the fall.  Parent/Teacher conferences are held in the spring.
  • We work with the PACE program (Preschool Assisting Children’s Education) offering speech therapy to preschool-aged children in the community who demonstrate a need and qualify for such services.