Through its participation with TerraCycle, Hively Avenue Preschool collects non-recyclable waste items in order to divert them from landfills and earn money.  This program is free to us and is funded through TerraCycle by conscientious companies from around the world.  TerraCycle reuses, upcycles, and recycles these hard-to-recycle materials into cool new eco-friendly products and contributes an average of $.02 per item to the preschool.

Hively Avenue Preschool began recycling through TerraCycle in September 2010.  To date, we have helped to collect and recycle over 600,000 units of waste, and have raised over $6,000 for the preschool, plus an additional $3,000 for other charities.

You can help by bringing in any of the items on the collection list.  Please be sure that all items are empty, and rinsed if necessary.  Drink pouches and toothbrushes should be bagged separately in sealed plastic bags.

TerraCycle drop off and sorting bins are located in the basement just to the left of the stairs.  There is a general collection bin for unsorted items, but please consider sorting your items as this reduces storage space and volunteer needs.

Thank you for helping us to educate & empower people to make a difference, raise money, and most importantly, reduce the amount of waste going to landfills!

If you have any questions regarding our program or would like to volunteer, please contact Melody Claassen at terracycle@hivelymennonite.org